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    About Us

    (Amended May 1998)

    The Upper Moreland Swim Club Swimming and Diving Team, under the auspices of the Upper Moreland Swim Club Board of Directors, is a community based organization that is dedicated to promoting Sportsmanship, Athleticism, and responsibility, while blending the competitive spirit with the fun of participating for each of our members. Along with adopting and supporting the constitution of the Colonial Swim League, the Upper Moreland Swim Club philosophy is to provide for swimmers and divers a safe and fun environment, promoting the ongoing development and mastery of cumulative technical skill for each swimmer and diver through practice and competitive opportunities. Our coaches, parents, swimmers and divers will support the constitution of the Colonial Swim League and Upper Moreland Swim Club (UMSC).


    1) Each swimmer and diver is viewed as a winner and encouraged to strive for excellence as measured by his or her individual capabilities.
    2) Team members are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times and to portray a positive attitude toward themselves and their fellow competitors.
    3) The coaching staff will understand our swimmers and divers as individuals and recognize their strengths and weaknesses.
    4) Each swimmer and diver is expected to participate at practice (improvement requires practice) and show respect to their coaches, teammates, other competitors, officials and parents.
    5) Coaches and parents will serve as positive role models for our children through their good example in the community.
    6) The coaching staff and parents will recognize the importance of instilling confidence and a positive winning attitude in a young mind.
    7) Our coaches will work with each team member so as to lead him or her as close to his or her potential as possible.
    8) The coaching staff will be able to demonstrate adequate knowledge and experience in life saving, and maintain annual basic life support certification (CPR) in order to provide for safety of UMSC swimmers and divers.


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